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Sandra Pastoor

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I was so lucky to meet someone that put me in contact with Sandy when I was looking for a home in the Naples area.  She was extremely knowledgeable about the housing market and she listened to my needs.  She quickly identified a number of properties that met my requirements and spent a great deal of time with me visiting each property.  In a very short time, I found the perfect home in the perfect community.  Sandy's local knowledge and experience made the process efficient, responsive and low stress.  I have referred several other buyers to Sandy - they all agree that she is a GREAT agent.


Thanks for all your hard work.  I want to truly compliment you for keeping your cool through-out this stressful order.  Like I said before, YOU ARE THE BEST & I want to THANK YOU AGAIN.


                                                                                                                                  JOHN M.

How to buy a Naples condo without really trying!!

Our initial trip to Naples in February 2013 was our first full vacation on our own.  We were pre-sold to the Naples area by cousins that had purchased investment/vacation condos over the previous decade.

Comfortably settled into the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort, we spent our days absorbing the vibe, touring, shopping, and dining.  John skimmed the local realtor brochures left in the hotel lobby and was particularly drawn to listings in the Tiburon community several miles east on Vanderbilt Beach Road, anchored by the sister resort--Ritz Naples Golf, featuring the Greg Norman Tiburon Golf Course.

Facing a cold rainy Saturday, we stopped by at on-site real estate office at the Ritz Beach resort to inquire.  Sandy was the agent o desk, warm and welcoming, and offering a wealth of local info.  We scheduled an appointment for the next day to preview several condo communities of interest in North Naples.  We were very impressed with all we previewed, especially Tiburon.  Sandy even arranged for us to meet with the Tiburon Golf Club personnel and tour their facility.  It all felt so right.  W knew we had made a very important connection with our first friend in Naples!  We were leaving the next day and we shared with Sandy that due to pressing family obligations up North, the timing was not right for us to take any position in Naples real estate right then.  Sandy assured us that she would stay in touch, keeping us abreast of all happenings.  She kept her promise, relaying info on a monthly basis for the next two years.

Fast forward--we are on the West Coast of Florida this past February in search of a new boat.  There are several trawler listings to preview from St. Petersburg to Marco Island.  Based on our previous interest in Tiburon, we chose the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort as a base for our search in southwest Florida.  We decided on a boat docked on Marco Island and it took a full week to negotiate and finalize contracts.  Thoroughly impressed by all the Golf resort and Tiburon neighborhood had to offer while guests, we reached out to Sandy for an update on the latest for sale listings in Tiburon.  Out we went the next day, and this time we saw a first floor condo unit at Bolero, which had not been available on our first tour.  The floor plan and price point were perfect but this particular unit needed a lot of work and did not wow us.  We left Sandy with that feedback that this was the type of unit we strongly preferred and that if anything similar cam along please let us know asap.  We returned to our home in NJ fully focused on the pending boat closing process.

A week later, I received an automatic internet feed of a new listing at Bolero--a first floor unit, fully furnished, in very good condition with a full golf medallion in place.  The listing data and pictures were attractive and we immediately contacted Sandy for the scoop.  She previews and reports back the very next day.  Uh-oh!  It's everything we asked her for.  The dilemma--John is at our second home in Vermont, I am at our home in New Jersey.  Neither of us is available  to fly to Florida for at least a week.  Over the weekend we learn that there was an accepted offer, a back up offer and a contract in process.  Sandy knowing of our intense interest encourages us to make a move.  Even though we haven't physically toured this condo, we have been well educated in the marketplace by Sandy over the two years, and realize that this is a very unique opportunity that probably would not come along again.  She strongly urges for us to engage even tough there is another contract finalizing.  John decides to take a pass late Monday afternoon.  At 8:30 that same night, John calls and simply says "ask Sandy to go get it."  Within 15 minutes she and I craft a highly competitive offer and we receive full acceptance and signed electronic contracts by 11 pm.  Sandy arranged all inspections, recommended an excellent attorney by the following morning, and awaited our arrival 10 days later.

When we arrived for the inspections before Easter we were thrilled with the condo and so thankful that Sandy had the professionalism and fortitude to have taken point.  Knowing that we were interested in future rentals she even had set up appointments with several brokers that had clients for 2016 high season and we did effect an outstanding three month lease agreement with one of those agents.  We closed within three weeks of contract.  Sandy knew it was the right move, right time and right place because she took the time to get to know us, listened to our wants and needs and used her skill and experience to fully support our goals.

As a postscript, we welcomed Sandy and her husband aboard our new boat for a Sunday picnic cruise on the gulf later that month.   

With much appreciation, your raving fans,


                                                                                                                                DONNA, B. JOHN, and BENJAMIN COOLBAUGH

Over the past 5 months I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Sandy Pastoor.
I say fortunate because over this period she exhibited a sense of caring and friendship I neveer expected to receive from a personal realtor.
My situation was absolutely unordinary in every sense.
I purchased a home in the Fort Myers area in May.  During the home search process Sandy always made herself available to suit my busy schedule.  She made me feel like she had no other clients and that I was her sole priority.  She guided me through the entire process with a sense of calmness and clarity.  I have bought a few properties over the years and this was by far my best experience.  The difference between this purchase experience and the others was absolutely Sandy.
While I had never experienced a home purchase process as pleasant as the one I had with Sandy the true measure of my appreciation and her personal attention came 3 months later in August.
In August I went through a major life changing situation.  This situation caused me to have to sell the home I just bought 3 months prior and move back to Tulsa Oklahoma giving up my home and job here in Florida.  I called Sandy immediately upon deciding to sell the home, told her the story, and asked her for help.  The sense of compassion and caring she displayed was not what I expected.  She listened to my story intently and offered her support in any way possible.  She immediately jumped into action as the urgency to sell the home was huge.  She put everything together and had the home on the market within 24 hours.  She even made the deadline to get the home advertised in the paper (next day) by tracking down the homes prior realtor who was in Canada to get a picture for the ad.  WOW!!!!!
Over the next few weeks she kept me very informed and promoted the home as I believe the best any realtor could.  She did such a good job she found me a buyer for the home within a month during the slow off season.  Again, WOW!!!!
When buying a home and selling it 3 months later you expect to lose the equity.  Not the case for me though and I again owe the thanks and gratitude to Sandy for this as well.  I got an offer on the home for $27,000 more than I purchased it.  We were concerned about the comps impacting the appraisal causing me to lose the largest offer.  Sandy put together a case to support the increased value of the house.  She did such a great job on this the home actually appraised for $3,000 more than my offer.  Again, WOW!!!!
This has been a very rough and challenging time for me in my life.  I never expected my personal realtor to play such a large part in my road back to recovery.  I will always think of Sandy and what she did for me.  I know I will never again get the experience I did with her as she is one of a kind.  She is a tru friend and now a close member of my family.
Thank you Sandy.  I appreciate you in so many ways.
                                                                                                             MATTHEW PITT